Drum type industrial washing machine disassembly five-step method

Automatic washing inner drum-industrial washing machine, the tub and the motor drive system is a holistic form of lifting assembly outer cabinets. In order to avoid industrial washing machine during transport within the cylinder and the outer box Hugh collide with each other at the factory, the inner tube and the outer casing of the system is to ask two transport rods and a transport plate temporarily fixed together. Therefore, when installation of industrial washing machines, should first remove the transport board and transport rods.

Open industrial washing machine cover, loosen the screws and nuts of the transport board off (Note Do not remove the cement counterweight), after re-tighten the nut with weights. Industrial washing machine and then open the back cover, and remove the screws to remove the two transport rods. After checking the bottom of the motors, heaters, temperature controllers for loose wire is loose? Wire and belt pulleys are touching? Motor lead terminal is off? Claim Refit cover intact after industrial washing machine and correct the back cover. Remove the nuts and parts should be kept, the transport industry to prepare for the necessary washing machine.

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Post time: Mar-07-2018
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