Drum Washing Machine Performance

Washing degree and the damage rate Roller was washing machine is used for positive and negative rotation, the use of plastic ribs raised, relying on gravity free fall, simulated hand rub, clean evenly, low damage rate, the clothes are not easy to winding, even Silk and wool and other high-end clothes can be washed.Washing Machine

Drum can also be heated to the water, to further improve the washing effect, or even do not use the collar net high corrosion corrosion agent, is conducive to the protection of clothing. Pulley-type washing machine is to rely on high-speed operation of the pulsator produced by the impact of the impact of clothing, washing detergent with the role of washing clothes, the washing degree of 10% higher than the drum, the natural wear rate is 10% higher than the drum.Washing Machine Mixing washing machine comprehensive performance, its washing uniformity, the length of washing time, the amount of detergent, the size of the damage, without hot water can be washed, dehydration rate, noise and even price, etc. are between the drum and pulsator between. Of course, washed clothes are also inseparable from the detergent.Washing Machine

In general, the top open drum washing machine covers an area of about 0.24 square meters, other drum type and pulley type washing machine occupies a similar, recently, have introduced the ultra-thin products corresponding to save space. Drum type generally have the drainage function, to adapt to the drain floor drain users. Selection of drum washing machine drum washing machine as a result of low wear, no winding, can be washed cashmere, silk fabric and large capacity and many other advantages and become the current international washing machine market, the main models. Usually the drum washing machine for the front door, need to take up a larger space, and our family will generally be placed in the small washing machine cabinets or bathroom, so the use is very convenient.Washing Machine First open the washing machine program controller, placed in uniform clothes (between six to seven files), at this time, the indicator light, the machine rotating drum, and in the intermittent positive and negative working conditions. To check the work noise is too large, you can touch the body to test the vibration, the smaller the vibration, that roller running smoothly, reliable quality.Washing Machine

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Post time: Feb-27-2018
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