Elution using industrial machines do not put too much laundry

Industrial eluting machine generally used for water removal process for the clothes, textile goods, crops and other items. After elution recycling dryer to dry, it can achieve complete drying effect.

If oil clothes, use industrial washing machines as soon as possible, otherwise, exposed to dust, affect the appearance, and the longer difficult to remove. Clothing more obvious, it is difficult with the general cleaning products washing oil, the method can be used to clean high-quality gasoline removal. If the oil is too heavy, can be thinner turpentine and rub until melted grease, then wash the general washing method.

Industrial eluting machine is generally three-foot overhang tilting structure, three-legged spring-loaded, can be avoided due to load imbalance and vibration generated. Inner shell is made of stainless steel refined, durable.

But be careful not to put too much at once will increase the work load on the motor, increasing wear clothes between shorten the life of the elution machine. And clothing very easily entangled. So put the clothes do not exceed 80% of the automatic washing machine barrel capacity, and not less than 50%, can be appropriate.

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Post time: Mar-07-2018
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