Failure Solution Of Refrigerator Compression RefrigeratorSep 21, 2017

Temperature controller fault judgment: The premise of judging the temperature controller fault is that the refrigeration effect is normal. and compressor operation does not stop. First check whether the temperature tube is out of the normal position, the thermostat’s fixed screws are loose, again after the adjustment to observe the refrigeration effect. If the freezer has been reduced to 10 ℃, the freezer has been lowered to 0 ℃, the appropriate temperature control thermostat is still not shut down, you need to check the temperature controller again.Refrigerator

    A simple way to determine if a thermostat contact can be disconnected: The thermostat will be removed, put into the refrigerator freezer or ice cabinet of the Bo son, close the refrigerator door or freezer lid, will be connected to the thermostat 2 wire short, let the compressor run for 30 minutes, and then put the thermostat out, quickly use the Multimeter Rx 1 Check whether the two contacts can be disconnected (thermostat put the refrigerator before the rotation to the cold position), if the temperature is still broken, then the temperature agent has been leaking, need to be replaced.Refrigerator

    If the contact can be disconnected, the sense of Wen Tou and no deviation from the normal temperature position. The system lacks fluorine, need to add fluorine treatment at room temperature thermostat’s contact point is closed, in the setting of low temperature contact can be disconnected. According to this principle to determine whether the thermostat is normal, the system is lack of fluoride. Refrigerator

    However, it should be noted that the internal bile inside the frozen too thick or put people’s food temperature is too high, too much. The compressor will also stop the machine. The ice is too thick for the inner liner. When processing, the refrigerator with defrosting circuit should first check whether the defrosting circuit is normal. The refrigerator of the defrosting circuit first shuts down the artificial frost, then the boot, does not stop the breakdown to be possible to eliminate.Refrigerator

    The focus of the compressor maintenance is on the refrigeration effect. If the cooling effect is normal without downtime, the fault is in the thermostat. Otherwise, because the system is lack of fluoride, the temperature does not reduce to the control point and cause no downtime, repair need to suppress the leak, time to fill the fluorine, encountered no downtime failure, first ‘ stop its power running a few minutes.Refrigerator


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