Foam Door Refrigerator Quality Materials And Maintenance

EPS foaming parts are excellent packaging materials, such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, electronic instruments, precision instruments, glassware, ceramic products, art crafts and other products, can not be separated from EPS foam as cushioning packaging.Foam Door Refrigerator 

EPS foamed Plastics is a lightweight material with polystyrene resin as the base material, adding foaming agent and other auxiliary materials, which are heated and foamed. Foam insulated box with light weight, small thermal conductivity, low water absorption, water resistance, anti-aging, low-temperature resistance, easy processing, low price and quality excellence, seafood frozen, fresh vegetables, insulation boxes, cold storage, refrigerated vehicles, railway passenger cars and other aspects of the indispensable insulation material containers.Foam Door Refrigerator

Household appliances need regular maintenance, wiping, can improve the use of efficiency, can also extend the service life. Buy high-efficiency (high EER value) of the air-conditioning machine, the higher the efficiency of the power. Open the refrigerator door after opening, and reduce the number of door opening. Replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescent lamps can save 2/3 of electricity; The washing machine is 7-8 minutes full, soak for 20 minute and then wash, the efficiency is highest. Rice Cooker cooking rice will be boiled before cooking, can shorten the cooking time and save electricity. If you are sleeping or not using for a long time, you should unplug the TV power plug to save electricity.Foam Door Refrigerator

When the air-conditioning is open, the doors and windows should be closed to prevent air conditioning from leaking and the air conditioner will be blown down from the top. Often keep the pot clean inside and outside, so that the heat can be fully heat transfer without wasting electricity. Clean the air filter every two weeks, the air filter network is too dirty, it is easy to waste electricity. The purchase of Dehumidifier with Dehumidification control, on the one hand can maintain a certain humidity indoors, on the other hand can save energy. Choose the appropriate volume of refrigerators, to the family members of 60-80 litres per person estimated, the smaller the power saving.Foam Door Refrigerator 

To buy efficient refrigerators, refrigerators are efficient in energy factor (EF), the higher the EF value, the more power saving. The back of the refrigerator is at least 10 centimeters from the wall, and the upper and the side are at least 30 centimeters in space to improve the heat dissipation effect. Induction cooker with temperature controller, can prevent overheating, save electricity and safety. The pressure cooker is more power-saving than traditional electric cooker and can save 1/3 electricity.Foam Door Refrigerator


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