Glass Door Refrigerator To Tell You A Little Trick For Appliance Use

  Refrigerator side door do not put too much big and heavy soda, canned food, so as to avoid long-term pressure caused by the refrigerator side side of the magnetic strip loose, falling off and caused by air conditioning leakage. When installing the refrigerator, if the rear shelf is adjusted lower than the front foot, so the refrigerator will be slightly back, after the food, the refrigerator door will automatically turn off, can be used more convenient.Glass Door Refrigerator

    Household appliances use small common sense: the refrigerator “Winter” has fastidious, the winter, the refrigerator utilization rate to reduce, many families to make the refrigerator Enron “Winter” took the different measure. Some adjust the refrigerator temperature controller refrigeration degree, some simply unplug its power source to stop use. In fact, these practices are wrong.Glass Door Refrigerator

    The refrigerator temperature control knob generally has 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 stalls, the larger the number, the lower the temperature in the freezer room. Many people like to reduce the refrigerating level of refrigerator thermostats in winter and think that the refrigerator will work less and save some electricity. Glass Door Refrigerator

    In fact, the refrigerator temperature control device to reduce the refrigeration level, the compressor operation time is shortened, but the number of start-up times increased, and the starting current is greater than the normal operation of the demand, so instead of increasing the power consumption than before. In fact, in order to achieve food preservation and the purpose of saving electricity, the winter refrigerator freezer temperature set to be lower than the summer, that is to say, the refrigerator temperature controller to increase the degree of refrigeration. Also, it is unwise to stop the fridge in winter.Glass Door Refrigerator

    Because the plastic in the refrigerator in the normal temperature (after power off) than in the low temperature prone to aging, after the failure of the refrigerator unused freon is also easy to directly corrode the refrigerator pipe, the refrigerator leakage. In fact, the winter temperature is low, refrigerators need refrigeration power consumption is only about 1/3 of the summer, in order to save this small part of the consumption and long-term outage led to shorten the refrigerator service life, outweigh the gains. Glass Door Refrigerator

    If you must stop using the fridge, to do three points: first, thoroughly clean, pay attention to maintenance, two, at least one months power 1-2 times, so that the refrigerator running 10 minutes; do not move arbitrarily, not to use plastic cloth cover, so as not to prevent internal obstruction and discoloration of the shell.Glass Door Refrigerator


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