How to clean the drum washing machine? In general, the new purchase of washing machine after six months, every two or three months should be disinfected once. Non-metallic liner of the washing machine into the effective chlorine containing 300ppm ~ 500ppm (ppm that one millionth of an aqueous solution), open 3 minutes to 5 minutes after the net. Put the washing machine inside the bucket filled with water, pour about 300 grams of oxidizing bleach (in the supermarket or chemical supplies store to buy), soak for 2 hours after the start to run once.Washing Machine If the barrel is already dirty, you can use this method to wash several times. The general washing machine only three months or so according to this method of cleaning and maintenance. There are clean bucket function of the washing machine directly in accordance with the clean bucket wash method operation on it.Washing Machine In addition, you can also contact the professional washing machine cleaning workers clean up.Washing Machine Drum washing machine to use a lot of special washing powder package of a large number of family sweater home size of the business, machine wash, hand wash, daily cleaning are used this kind, in fact, this is very unscientific. Experts suggest that the drum washing machine should have its own dedicated washing powder. Drum washing machine advantage of low wear rate, not winding clothes, high degree of washing, you can wash high-end clothing, but also heat disinfection Why drum washing machine to have a special detergent? As the drum washing machine design principles and ordinary pulsator washing machine, their mechanical force and the requirements of the bubble is not the same. Drum washing machine on the detergent requirements of the bubble is very harsh, ordinary, high foam washing powder will cause the drum washing machine overflow overflow, and even bring damage.Washing Machine Expert advice: the use of drum washing machine laundry, the best choice of ultra-concentrated, ultra-low bubble special washing powder, the other formula is best to contain reactive oxygen and biological enzymes, can use the drum washing machine heating washing function (40-60 ℃), activation The activity of reactive oxygen species and bio-enzyme in the detergent powder is the most active at 50 ℃, and its super-decontaminating effect is maximized. Due to the small amount of water can be formed in the barrel of high concentrations of laundry liquid, in the case of water saving to bring the ideal laundry effect.Washing Machine

Refrigerator before the refrigerant is freon, but for environmental protection may change, the working principle is liquid gasification endothermic, freon is a room temperature or lower temperature is a gaseous material, the refrigerator inside the electric compressor, the The gaseous freon exerts a great deal of pressure to make him liquid, and then the liquid freon flows through the pipes in the fridge, while the gaseous freon absorbs heat, and the gaseous is compressed by the electric compressor into liquid. So the refrigerator is always warm around!Glass Door Refrigerator

Visual inspection: After opening the box, you should first check the refrigerator box, door and the top box, etc. whether there is bruise, hit the bad place. As the refrigerator weight, the volume is relatively large, with particular attention to the existence of transport handling process caused by excessive deformation of the bottom of the deformation.Glass Door Refrigerator The refrigerator box and the refrigerator are all through the foam process to deal with the completion of the process, if the process of cooling, the process is not strict or not careful operation, foam material benefits out of the box or external coating surface, it is Can be removed in the appearance of the selection should pay attention to the surface of the box there is no oil traces.Glass Door Refrigerator

Fridge freezer are generally made of aluminum plate, check the freezer aluminum plate with no obvious cracks, because the refrigerator refrigeration chamber liner is ABS plastic plate made by vacuum forming process. Check whether there are cracks and wrinkles are flat, especially if the original angle is smooth, the thickness of the liner plating is uniform.

When checking the freezer, pay attention to whether the thermostat is flexible, defrost button press, whether it can quickly rebound back. Now look at the refrigerator name book, see the refrigerator with some of the equipment such as: ice box, shelves, fruit dishes, frost shovel, etc. are complete.Glass Door Refrigerator


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