How To Use The Refrigerator Correctly

New Year’s Day, there must be a lot of friends will choose during this purchase of home appliances, refrigerators to buy home, to pay attention to the location of the refrigerator is reasonable, whether it is easy to heat the refrigerator. But also need to check the power of the family, whether the grounding, is a dedicated line road.Refrigerator

    Before use, the user should carefully read the accompanying product manual to check the various parts of the refrigerator. Household refrigerators use more than 220V power supply, 50Hz single-phase AC power, normal work, voltage fluctuations allow between 187-242v, if the fluctuation is very large or suddenly high and low, will affect the compressor normal work, or even burn the compressor. Refrigerators should use three sockets and separate wiring. Pay attention to protect the insulation layer of power cord, not to stress the wires, not to arbitrarily change or lengthened power cord.Refrigerator

    After the check is correct, the refrigerator should be placed 2-6 hours after the boot, in order to avoid trouble with the oil circuit (after the removal of the refrigerator). After the power supply, carefully listen to the compressor in the start-up and operation of the sound is normal, whether there is a pipeline to hit each other sound, if the noise is too large, check whether the product is placed smoothly, the various lines of contact, and make corresponding adjustments. If there is a larger abnormal sound, should immediately cut off power, and professional repair personnel contact.Refrigerator

    Start to use to load the operation, because the new machine moving parts have a running-in process. After a period of operation, add a lot of time to prolong the life of the refrigerator. The first use of refrigerators, storage of food can not be too much, to keep the appropriate space to maintain the circulation of air-conditioning, as far as possible to avoid the refrigerator long time full load work. Hot food should be cooled to room temperature and then put in, in order to avoid the refrigerator for a long time without downtime. Refrigerator

    Food should be used in fresh-keeping bags or paper good or into sealed containers, can prevent food damp, dehydration, chuanwei. The food with water should be removed and placed in order to avoid excessive frost formation due to a large amount of water evaporation. Note that the freezer does not place liquids or glassware to prevent frost damage. have volatile, flammable chemical substances, easy to corrode acid and alkali items do not put in, lest damage the refrigerator.Refrigerator

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Post time: Feb-27-2018
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