Ice Removal Method In Glass Door Refrigerator

   (1) The temperature compensation is adjusted to 0, then the icing box (no temperature compensation direct Guambi), unplug the power supply. Put the frozen layer of things and drawers all out, so that the inside of the frost natural melt, wipe dry with a rag, and then restore can.Glass Door Refrigerator

           (2) Clear the refrigerator, with a small stall hair dryer slowly blowing the ice, and in the bottom of the refrigerator supplemented with towel suction water. After cleaning up some of the ice, it is best to wipe it with a clean towel dipped in poison and wipe it clean with water. Also be careful not to plug the drain holes. Then, check and clean the bottom of the refrigerator storage tank, if there is water, it is generally very dirty. Finally, put back the original refrigerator, and remember to clean up the air in the condensation. It’s not easy to frost again. In the same way, there is no water outside of the refrigerator.Glass Door Refrigerator

           (3) The refrigerator defrost has the best of some refrigerators need defrosting, artificial refrigerator defrosting is time-consuming and laborious, and defrosting effect is also poor. Here you recommend a defrost. According to the size of the refrigerator freezer, cut a slightly thicker plastic film, affixed to the cold chamber frosting wall, do not use any glue.Glass Door Refrigerator

            Some common defrosting methods are as follows, I hope you can help. Method 1: Before putting the frozen food, the wall of the freezer is coated with a layer of plastic film, which is easy to be applied quickly and then put into the frozen food. When defrosting is needed, the frozen food is quickly moved into the freezer for temporary storage, as long as the plastic film of the freezer is torn off, and soon after the frost is removed, the thin film is put on, then the frozen food can be continued. Before and after the time required is only one or two minutes, very time-saving, easy to save power. Method 2: After each defrost, towel to dry the freezer, and then in the surrounding aluminum wall coated with vegetable oil, to the next frost, because attached to the oil components of the refrigerator wall, frost and refrigerator wall between the suction greatly reduced, so we do not have to spend much effort, you can easily peel caking. Method 3: When the need to defrost, first cut off the power of the refrigerator, and then use the electric fan or hair dryer aimed at the freezer room to open to the maximum gear, after the wind blowing, the frost layer will melt very fast, so it is easier to clear again. These three small methods should be everyone use the highest frequency, the most obvious effect of the three, the operation is very simple, so when you prepare to defrost the refrigerator in the home, you may try the above small method.Glass Door Refrigerator

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