Internal And External Analysis Of Glass Door Refrigerator

  Glass door fridge is currently a popular product in the home fridge market. On the one hand, because of the high house prices, the average family’s housing area is too large and the door to the refrigerator; The door and many other consumers in the refrigerator industry are deterred. So the relative capacity is not very small glass door refrigerator, relative to the average family also enough, the price has a very large advantage, it is logical to become the mainstay of the refrigerator market.Glass Door Refrigerator

    The glass door fridge is also a watershed in the technological superiority of each family. Two refrigerators because of the relatively simple structure, a maximum of two cycles, resulting in not adding more functions, then the glass door refrigerator can highlight its technical advantages. This refrigerator front panel used a full tempered glass design, elegant champagne gold color matching, the mountain dark light low temperature let the whole panel will not appear very stiff. In the internal details, the refrigerator machine uses the direct cooling dual circulation system, the automatic temperature control device, has the winter switch option, four-star freezing room, the overflow-proof tempered glass pallet, the detachable sealing strip is convenient to clean.Glass Door Refrigerator

    Appearance, elegant golden glass door, calm and without losing fashion. The bottom map of the watermark gives the fridge a whiff of smart. Touch-controlled computer temperature embedded in the glass panel, control more convenient, accurate display temperature. The refrigerator uses the independent double circulation variable frequency wind cooling technology, avoids the frosting Chuanwei at the same time, has reduced the energy consumption and the noise. This crystal-Hong Refrigerator also has built-in independent ion long-lasting net taste system, to give food long-lasting freshness. Dual-cycle wind-cooled frequency conversion technology, to solve frosting troubles and avoid chuanwei. Medium Door Soft frozen area, 7 degree store meat without thaw.Glass Door Refrigerator

   Elegant white color, in and out of the crystal clear, plus the front glass panel collocation, the whole gives a very clean feeling. The use of full air-cooled refrigeration technology, dual-cycle refrigeration system can be very good food preservation. 13KG large refrigeration capacity is a rare high-end configuration.Glass Door Refrigerator

   Glass door is a special kind of doors, first of all its thickness is not a solid door, and it does not belong to the special-shaped door, in fact, it is a particular form of leaf. Glass Door Division toughened glass and ordinary float glass generally uses the thickness of 12 mm (mm) specifications of the glass material production, the use of tempered glass is strong and safe. The characteristics of glass doors are determined by the characteristics of the glass itself. For example, the use of tempered transparent glass, the door has a transparent function, and the use of glass, it has a half light function. It is also an event that arises as a result of this.Glass Door Refrigerator


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Post time: Feb-27-2018
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