Refrigeration Function Of Refrigerator Compressor

Refrigeration industry people know that the compressor plays an important role in the refrigeration, for the refrigerator, the compressor is the core, once the compressor problems, the refrigerator problem is big. Refrigerator compressor bad how to repair it? Refrigerator compressor is composed of two parts of the compressor and single-phase motor. Therefore, to determine whether the compressor should be good or bad to detect these two parts.Refrigerator

Perform the compressor test. Compressor efficiency detection, that is, suction, exhaust sealing performance test: In the maintenance of the refrigerator, if the compressor starts normal, after filling the refrigerant cooling effect is poor, and other normal cooling system, it is necessary to detect the compression efficiency; Machine of the evacuation performance. The motor performance should be tested. (Rm) between 10 ~ 20Ω, start winding resistance (Rsc) between 30 ~ 50Ω, and the resistance between the two windings of the sum of the two (Rms = Rmc + Rsc), the winding resistance of the winding ); Winding short-circuit detection: winding winding between the short circuit and winding and winding between the short circuit; winding ground detection; start performance testing; operating current detection.Refrigerator

The temperature controller is to use the principle of pressure to promote the contact through the broken. Its structure consists of bellows, temperature package (test tube), eccentric wheel, micro switch and other components of a sealed induction system and a signal transmission system.Refrigerator 

The control method is generally divided into two kinds; one is controlled by the temperature change of the object to be cooled, the steam pressure type temperature controller is used, the other is controlled by the temperature difference of the object to be cooled, and the electronic temperature Controller. Thermostat is divided into mechanical divided into: steam pressure thermostat, liquid expansion thermostat, gas adsorption thermostat, metal expansion thermostat. One vapor pressure thermostat is divided into: inflatable, liquid and gas mixed type and filling type. Household air-conditioning machinery are mainly in this type of thermostat.Refrigerator

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