Removing the industrial washing machine drainage system and control system

① Remove the rear cover, the connecting wires in a free relaxed state, won the overflow filter cover, exposing the drain valve stem, remove the drain drawstring.

② will pull out drain knob.

③ removed from the base of the triangle self-tapping screws 3 M4 x 16 and remove the control panel, remove the drawstrings from the drainage claw portion of the drain lever.

④ Remove the plate spring pieces from the control panel on the back at the trough.

⑤ drain with a Phillips screwdriver gently push the lever claw from the center outward, the drain lever pawl is disengaged from the hole in the control panel, then remove the drain lever.

⑥ with a Phillips screwdriver to remove the triangular base, then remove the cover dehydration twist, torsion, dewatering tank assembly, you can remove the drain valve spring.

⑦ the drain stem assembly removed, you can remove the overflow hose.

⑧ outward downward force can remove the lower end of the stem of industrial washing machines rubber seals.

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Post time: Mar-07-2018
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