Temperature Control System Of Refrigerator

The temperature controller is to push the contact point through the principle of pressure action. The structure consists of a bellows, a temperature-sensitive package (test tube), an eccentric wheel, a micro-actuated switch and so on, which is composed of a sealed inductive system and a relay signal power system.Refrigerator 

The control methods are generally divided into two kinds: one is controlled by the temperature change of the cooled object, the other is the steam pressure type temperature controller, the other is controlled by the temperature difference of the cooling object, and the electronic temperature controller is adopted. Thermostat is divided into: mechanical type: Steam pressure thermostat, liquid expansion-type thermostat, gas adsorption-type thermostat, metal expansion-type temperature controller.Refrigerator

One of the vapor pressure thermostat is divided into: inflatable type, liquid gas mixed type and filling liquid type. Home air-conditioning mechanical type are mainly such thermostat.Refrigerator

Electronic temperature controller (resistor type) is the use of resistance temperature method to measure, generally using platinum wire, copper wire, tungsten filament and semiconductor (thermistor, etc.) as temperature resistance, these resistors have their own excellent points. Most of the sensors in home air-conditioning are thermistor-type.Refrigerator

Breeding bacteria: In a low temperature environment, the metabolism of food itself is only slowed down, not stopped. Most bacteria do not die at low temperatures, whereas many microorganisms can thrive at low temperatures. At the same time, the humidity in the refrigerator is larger, also not conducive to food preservation. Stealing nutrition: refrigerators are “black hands” that steal food and nutrition, especially those rich in vitamins and vegetables. Studies have confirmed that storage of 24 hours in 4 ℃ refrigerators will reduce vitamin C content in cucumbers by 30%.Refrigerator

Filth: Regardless of raw, different categories, all kinds of food and food decomposition of the harmful chemicals produced by itself, tea, coffee, tobacco, cosmetics and even film are gathered in the refrigerator, with a variety of odor, resulting in thousands of bacteria, fungi, the refrigerator gradually become a den of filth.Refrigerator



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