The Advanced Of The Application Of The Washing Machine Sensor

The water level sensor is equivalent to the pressure switch. When you set a pressure value, water pressure after injection, to achieve the pressure after the automatic power, to achieve the role of the switch the washing machine water level switch is divided into electronic (adjustable resistor) and switch-type two kinds Washing Machine

     They are all the air pressure generated by the rise of the water level through the pipeline to the sensor to make the resistance change or internal switch connected to the computer to produce action, it will be damaged after the water injection is not allowed, long water injection does not move (running), after the discharge of moisture does not dry (this situation is relatively rare, because the sensor is no longer a bit).Washing Machine

    Overhaul should pay attention to check whether the pipeline is broken, both ends of the seal is good, the sensor is leaking, check the sensor can be used when the mouth from the air inlet into the air at the same time using the table to measure the sensor at the end of the resistance changes or switch is connected, the switch sensor above the screws When the water level is not allowed to adjust.Washing Machine

    For washing machines, different sensors can be implemented in real-time human-like monitoring. For example, a photosensitive sensor, can detect the Qingzhuo degree of washing fluid, so as to determine whether the clothes washed or bleached, can replace our eyes, and pressure sensors can automatically determine the weight of clothing, the calculation of the amount of detergent, equivalent to our sense of touch; humidity sensor can detect dry and wet in the dryer, To determine whether the clothing is drying, and thermal sensors can perceive the temperature in the drum, so as not to dry high-temperature burns clothing and so on.Washing Machine

    The sensor can imitate human’s visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile senses, thus judging the current state according to different senses, greatly improving the intelligent degree of the washing machine. At present, we can see detergent on the washing machine automatically put, the cleanliness of clothing detection, drying testing and so intelligent operation, can not be separated from the huge role of the sensor.Washing Machine

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Post time: Feb-27-2018
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