Introduction Of Glass Door Refrigerator Compressor

The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, it absorbs the cryogenic and low-pressure refrigerant gas from the suction tube, drives the piston through the motor to compress it, and discharges the refrigerant gas from the high temperature and pressure to the exhaust pipe to provide the power for the refrigeration cycle, thus realizes the refrigeration cycle of compression → condensation → expansion → evaporation (endothermic). The compressor is generally composed of shell, motor, cylinder, piston, control equipment (starter and heat protector) and cooling system. There are basically two types of starter, namely, the heavy hammer type and the PTC type. The latter is more advanced. There are two kinds of cooling methods, oil cooling and natural cooling.Glass Door Refrigerator

General household refrigerators and air conditioners are compressors with single-phase alternating current as the power supply, they are basically the same structure principle. Refrigerator compressor Power is small, usually under 250W. The power of the air conditioner compressor is usually between 230-900w. The refrigerants used are different.Glass Door Refrigerator Refrigerators are equipped with a commercially known as Freon: Freon, commonly known as snow species refrigerants. A commonly used two fluoro two chloro methane (CCL2F2) is a colorless odorless non-toxic gas with a boiling point of 29 ℃. Freon in the gas state, compressed by compression, pressure, after the pipe flow to the refrigerator back of the condenser, the heat sink (material is compressed, the temperature will rise), condensed into a liquid. After the liquid freon enters the evaporator valve, because the pressure which is detached from the compressor, immediately turns into the steam, simultaneously to the refrigerator air and the food and so on absorbs the vaporization latent heat, causes the refrigerator internal cooling.Glass Door Refrigerator

Connect the center line of the shell to nail the wooden frame square wood, then use plywood to determine the shape and position of the frame column, and finally outsource the metal decorative surface. 5: The installation of glass: glass suction machine to the thick glass suction tight, and then holding the suction cup from 2-3 people will be thick glass plate lift, move to the installation location 6: Fixed glass: In the bottom of the wood on the inside and outside nails two small square wood thick glass sandwiched in the middle door, square wood from the glass surface 4mm around.Glass Door Refrigerator


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