The Daily Maintenance Of Glass Door Refrigerator Did You Do It?

  Daily how to maintain the wind screen cabinet: regular cleaning of compressors and condensers. Clean the refrigerated display cabinets regularly (at least 1 times per 2 months). Clean the first cut off the power, with a neutral cleaning agent and water gently scrub, and then dip in water to wipe the detergent. Glass Door Refrigerator

    Do not use detergent, powder, talcum powder, alkaline detergent, day that water, boiled water, oil, brushes and other cleaning refrigerated display cabinets. Refrigerated display cabinets for a long time do not use, should unplug the power plug, the box will be wiped clean, to be fully dry in the box, the box door closed well. When there is a problem with the air curtain, we should also understand the countermeasures.Glass Door Refrigerator

    The latest purchase of the wind screen display cabinets should be put on the ground above the flat, in the wind screen cabinets to store food and fruit, the first thing to do is to let the air curtain cabinet operation for a period of time. Refrigerated display cabinets should be placed on the flat floor, refrigerated display cabinets in the indoor environment should be well-ventilated, dry, top from the ceiling above 50cm, left and right on both sides of the other objects 20cm above, the back from other objects 20cm above.Glass Door Refrigerator

    After the new purchase or removal of refrigerated display cabinets, should be static 2-6 hours after the boot. Before use, the first 2-6 hours of empty box power operation. After downtime can not start immediately, wait for more than 5 minutes to avoid burnout compressor. When refrigerated display cabinets are used, hot food needs to be cooled to room temperature to be placed in display cabinets. For the cold air (air-cooled) refrigerated display cabinets, food preservation, food should not be too close to the outlet. For cooling refrigerated display cabinets, when the frosting thickness of up to 5 mm, the need for artificial defrosting.Glass Door Refrigerator

   Expansion valve using evaporator fan, condenser fan used EBM, evaporator all the use of copper tubes, Chinese and foreign high-quality brand-name compressors, so configuration to ensure that the entire refrigeration system normal and more reliable operation, in line with national standards requirements. With stable quality, excellent performance, high efficiency and other characteristics, well received by the users, is meat, fruit, aquatic products, such as preservation, display the ideal choice for sale.Glass Door Refrigerator



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