The Detailed Introduction Of The Washing Machine Capacitance

  See if the actual workload of the washing machine changes, if the load capacity drops, the speed drop, then the existence of mechanical or capacitive failure. can also use the multimeter’s resistance (1000 euro) file to do the charge and discharge test, see the pointer deflection situation, and a new contrast to know. First of all, the meter two meters are connected to the two poles of capacitance, and then the connection between the meter and the capacitor, the position of the pointer after the deflection to see whether in the larger resistance position, otherwise the insulation resistance is reduced.Washing Machine

    The washer is a single-phase motor. Because of one-way sinusoidal alternating current, the rotating magnetic field can not be established, so the general setting of two sets of windings (main winding and auxiliary winding), the difference between main and auxiliary windings 90° electrical angle. In the secondary windings in series capacitance of a certain capacity, the capacitance both as a start-up phase shift, and as a running capacitor, so that the main and secondary windings of the synthetic magnetic field to establish a rotating magnetic field approximation and circular magnetic field.Washing Machine

    Capacitance in this and can not play a stabilizing role, the motor is divided into three sets of coil series line, lead to three lines, from three groups of the electromagnetic field to promote the rotor (two groups is not), but the appliance only 0 FireWire, in the middle of the line on the capacitor, the capacitor received the voltage than the cycle of the Washing Machine

    FireWire lag, In order to generate three groups of the same direction at different times of the magnetic drive rotor.

On the whole, the capacitance is the starting capacitor, is also to maintain the normal operation of the motor, no capacitor motor can not start, as for the burning capacitance is the reason for the motor is the perceptual load, in the work will produce a reverse induction electromotive force, this induction potential voltage is higher than the supply voltage, the need for capacitance withstand pressure will be above 400V Washing Machine

    But these electric potential or capacitance in the withstand, capacitance in use and withstand pressure will change, eventually damaged, but these are related to the use of the environment and power fluctuations in size.Washing Machine


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