The Life Of The Refrigerator Is Introduced

This is because the refrigerator inside and outside the greater the temperature difference, through the box wall into the refrigerator inside the heat Refrigerator

The more the amount. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the refrigerator, the thermostat knob relative to the small, you can make the refrigerator compressor to maintain a certain opening /Refrigerator

Do not adjust the thermostat knob to 7 or strong cold limit position, forget the knob to re-adjust the small (quick-frozen purpose to achieve), or a long time will lead to overheating compressor or burned. When the ambient temperature is below 16 ° C, turn on the electric compensation switch (on the underside of the thermostat). Its role: on the one hand can guarantee the freezing chamber load temperature; the other hand to prevent the ambient temperature is too low (5 ℃ below) to make the thermostat failure.Refrigerator

Refrigerator temperature compensation switch use Oaks home refrigerator is based on the characteristics of China’s north-south temperature difference between the design of a wide climate refrigerator, lower ambient temperature (10 ℃ below), please open the temperature compensation switch for normal use. When the ambient temperature is low, if you do not open the temperature compensation switch, the compressor will significantly reduce the number of work or not work, start time is short, downtime for a long time, resulting in high freezing room temperature, frozen food can not be completely frozen, Turn on the temperature compensation switch to use.Refrigerator Turning on the temperature compensation switch does not affect the life of the refrigerator. When the winter in the past, the ambient temperature increases, the ambient temperature is higher than 15 ℃, please close the temperature compensation switch, so that you can avoid frequent compressor start, saving electricity.Refrigerator


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