The Most Important Thing In Refrigerators Is To Keep Them Fresh

 The recent small series is very vexed, Summer arrives, again to change the refrigerator time, how can we buy a good refrigerator? In addition to the brand, appearance, price and other more intuitive factors, refrigerators need to have what function?Refrigerator

            Must be big and big. Xiao Bian just came back from the supermarket to buy back two big bags of food, opened the fridge and made a worry. How can so many things be put down? It’s imperative to change the fridge. Search, search to LG’s a classic version of the Open fridge V6000 upgrade-new space science series Refrigerator V6000 PLUS. It actually has 626 liters of large capacity, and this refrigerator used in the new space science management, in the appearance of the size of the door in the case of fresh space has increased the space capacity of 9%. Scientific space management so powerful, so large capacity is afraid of food not fit? My mother won’t have to worry about my food enough.Refrigerator

             Careful little plait also found V6000 plus there is a “careful machine” application: In the classification of drawers based on the use of a new door design, door and hidden button, gently press pull can be opened, not the female man’s small plait can also effortlessly open the fridge. Door design also has a tall name called Smart home space, mother every day necessary mask, Dad love to drink beer, as well as children like the jelly drink, door in the door of these things all can be put, and only once the door in the door can be opened. Every day to apply a mask, always love to drink juice small weave really like this design it. An evolutionary version of the official hat-type knob-flick handle, and specifically for the display of red wine designed for the special wine rack, twisting a twist can be easily ice-making rotary ice box, such as LG refrigerator for users and more convenient user-friendly design, in this V6000 plus can be said to be reflected incisively.Refrigerator

             But the problem came, bought a mother love to eat durian, Father love to eat ribs, refrigerator and standing green bean sand? Oh, my God! All this stuff in the fridge? It tastes so beautiful, I can’t think. However, V6000 Plus makes the little series pleasantly surprised. It actually told me: no problem, it allows functional zoning at a glance, food to everyone, food classification became simple science. such as the drawer-style fruit and vegetable storage box, so that the fruit and vegetables have a separate storage space, with its leading technology to achieve the sealing and moisturizing, to maintain food original “posture” flavor, not “interference”, even a cabbage, there can be a separate space! Fruits and vegetables classification, meat can also be classified. Frozen area of the full drawer storage box, do the raw and cooked classification, fish classification, even the favorite ice cream has a special storage space, so do not worry about the taste of fish cooked food in the refrigerator disorderly string. Originally has the full drawer type classification storage is so willful.Refrigerator

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Post time: Feb-27-2018
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