The need for large-scale washing equipment development

As China’s market economy continued to heat up, increasing the consumption level is also rising incomes, the continued expansion of the scale of the city, prompting guesthouses, hotels, hospitals, chain restaurants, large sauna bath and other service agencies also will continue development grow. However, while these industries continue to grow, but also led to a number of related issues. “Fast high-quality linen cleaning equipment washing” One of the main problems is one of the large-scale application of washing equipment as well as related.

Household washing equipment is set for domestic washing, from the mechanical structure and mechanical strength do not support specialized washing laundry, especially in a down jacket, so the drying tub washing equipment will not be used to indicate the down jacket dehydration, which is due to the large amount of water jacket package, likely to cause drying eccentric, causing an imbalance in impinging dryer cylinder industrial washing equipment mechanical damage, the same jacket hook bad accidents often happen; but a large washing machine does not have such Danger.

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Post time: Mar-07-2018
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