The Service Life Of Washing Machine

Washing machines are clean appliances that use electrical energy to produce mechanical effects to wash clothes. According to its rated washing capacity is divided into household and collective use of two categories. Household washing machine mainly by the box, washing dehydration barrels (some washing and dehydration barrels), transmission and control system, and some are equipped with heating device. The washing machine generally refers to the use of water as the main cleaning liquid, different from the use of special cleaning solutions, and usually the person responsible for dry cleaning.Washing Machine

After the boot can automatically water, indicating that the washing machine work. After reaching the predetermined water level, it can stop water, indicating that the water level detection switch is normal. With the hands of the wave wheel to do clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, the wave wheel can not be rotated, open the inspection, found that the clutch inside the planetary gears because of damage and card die, replace the clutch, troubleshooting.Washing Machine

The fault occurs more in the mechanical transmission area between the motor and the Wave wheel. The specific reasons and treatment methods are: motor pulley, clutch pulley and wave wheel fastening screws loose, slip or break. Simply tighten or replace the fastening screws and replace the wave wheel if round square holes are rounded. V slip or fall off. As long as the appropriate adjustment of the distance between the motor and clutch and the triangular belt rub some rosin powder to increase friction can be resolved. If v aging deformation, to replace the V. Clutch reducer parts wear or damage, the general need to replace the clutch assembly line.Washing Machine

On the one hand, the clutch pawl is not open, so that the square wire torsion spring can not hold the brake wheel to drive the dehydration drum operation. On the other hand, the clutch side line torsion spring rust or wear, so that its diameter can not hold tight brake wheel drive dehydration drum operation. It is possible that the drainage sleeve screw is loose, or the discharge of water and electricity magnet is burnt down, the solution to this kind of fault can be solved by the above reasons. The amount of laundry should not exceed the specified amount of the washing machine, the amount of water must not be lower than the line mark, so as to avoid overheating the motor due to overload, resulting in insulation aging life.Washing Machine

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Post time: Feb-27-2018
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